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Greg, Thomas and Dean met on a cosmic collision course, in what can only be described as destiny.  From completely different backgrounds but with one common interest… science.

The three men had a vision, and a paper napkin.

That vision was to help their community, and others just like it, by building a lab capable of testing for the contaminants that plague the environment.  The worst among those contaminants being PFAS/ PFOS, known to be cancer causing and environmentally destructive.

What better place to build such a lab than directly on a former air force base whose firefighting foam training poisoned the surrounding land and water.

Dean, Gregory and Thomas, partners in Enviro Lab Services, have found that their dream has been made a reality, which was established in 2020. 

Enviro Lab Services is on the forefront of testing technology and will continue to push the bounds of science and knowledge.

Gregory Rosenhauer’s Bio

Lab Manager

Greg was born and raised in Michigan. He attended Oxford High School and graduated at the top of his class while enjoying extracurriculars like cross country, lacrosse, and martial arts.

He attended Wayne State University in Detroit on an Honor’s scholarship, studying physical science and mathematics. Starting at the end of his freshman year, Greg joined an organic chemistry research lab where he worked extensively for three years during his time at Wayne State. This research experience included a wide variety or organic synthesis, purification, and characterization methods.

During this time Greg also spent a summer as a chemistry intern for Dow Agrosciences working on organic chemistry projects.

After obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry, Greg attended graduate school at the University of Michigan. While studying chemistry at U of M, Greg performed research on various topics including organic synthesis, materials chemistry, physical chemistry, and analytical chemistry. Greg received his master’s degree in chemistry from U of M in 2018.

In addition to science, Greg enjoys the outdoors and frequently goes kayaking, fishing, boating, hiking, and off the grid camping. Greg’s passion for chemistry and love for Michigan has motivated him to improve the health and safety of the communities that live off the resources of this state.

Thomas York's Bio

Chemical Formulator
Quality Assurance Specialist

Thomas was born and raised in Oscoda. He attended Oscoda Area High School where he was a three-sport athlete and top of the men in his class.

He spent his first year of college at Ferris State University studying pharmacy. During the summer, he partnered with his long-time friend and mentor, Dean Wiltse; and together they started a chemical company, Enviro-Brite Solutions.

To aid in the development of the company Thomas transferred from Ferris State to Western Michigan University where he spent four years studying Chemical and Electrical Engineering.

Throughout the 10 years working at Enviro-Brite Solutions he has:

• Developed and built equipment that is used to make Biodiesel from waste vegetable oil

• Discovered a method of “bleaching” Biodiesel for the solvent industry

• Created an odor complexing solution that has been unmatched by anything else in the industry

• Developed methods of testing beer and wine for alcohol and other attributes

• Developed a method of producing a stable peroxyacid acid solution from raw ingredients

• Reverse engineered a traceable peroxyacetic acid solution for one of the biggest breweries in Michigan

• Continues to push the formulation limits of ingredients in chemical solutions

• And always keeping formulations as green and environmentally friendly as possible

His passion for alternative energy and chemical solutions makes him the perfect fit with Enviro Lab Services. He has the passion for new innovative technology and is creative in finding solutions to a problem. His most recent R&D project is working towards creating a method of breaking down PFOS and PFAS molecules to aid in remediation and restoration to polluted areas and communities like Oscoda.

Thomas is 29 years old and newly married to his beautiful wife Blake. He has two pugs, Daisy and Duke. His favorite hobbies are boating, camping and golfing.

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